Custom Fabrication


The Blake Group provides design assistance, custom fabrication, packaging and turnkey installation. Our custom systems save time and money on installation, are easy to ship, maintain, and service. The Blake Warranty covers the entire system insuring one stop accountability. Contractors throughout the Northeast have been relying on Blake for over 85 years to support them in delivering superior results to their customers.

One-Stop Shopping...Is One-Stop Accountability

Valve Vaults

Blake Group Valve Vaults are economical, tough, reliable and designed exclusively for the commercial geothermal industry. We use precast concrete housing, HDPE pipe, fusion joints and provide all valves and pressure temperature ports for complete isolation, pressure testing and flow balancing. Our systems are tough, leak proof and corrosion resistant. They are engineered to provide a lifetime of trouble free service.

Manifolds and Headers

The Blake Group will provide design assistance and fabricate manifolds and headers for your installations in our modern fabrication facility to your specifications for both hydronic distribution and for geothermal field circulation. Field manifolds are constructed using HDPE pipe and can be designed for installation inside or outside the building. Prefabricated manifolds can reduce the overall cost of installation in more geothermal installations by significantly reducing the number of fusion joints required in closed loop field applications. Manifolds can be packaged with pump and control packages for further convenience and savings.

Water Filtration Skids

The Blake Group designs, produces and provides turnkey installation of water filtration and softening systems delivering the ultimate in convenience, economy and confidence on every installation. Select a softener with premium grade resin, fine mesh high capacity resin, nitrate selective, tannin selective and twin demand alternating with automatic, demand and electronic systems with turbulator or standard distributor. Selection filtration equipment for removal of metals, arsenic, radon, biological, sediment, iron, manganese and sulpher, RO and UV filtration.

Commercial Pump Skids and Lift Stations

The Blake Group produces pump skids and pump stations for all applications where there is a need to move water and wastewater. Our pump packages are built integrating pumps, buffer tanks, valves, VF drives, controls and emergency back up, power into one "plug and play" packaged system. Commercial geothermal pump skids for large loop fields and hydronic systems are designed around improving the geothermal system efficiency using variable speed drives and to simplify installation, purging and antifreeze addition ensuring you the ultimate in convenience, economy and confidence on every installation.