Water Filters

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Do I Need a Water Filter?

In addition to removing noticeable foul tastes and odors such as a rotten egg smell(hydrogen sulfide) or chlorine from yourwater, a Blake Water Solutions water filtration systems can provide a number of additional benefits.

  • Significantly reduce corrosion. If you are experiencing blue-green staining in your sinks or toilet this is a sign that your water is corrosive.
  • Correcting water pH levels will extend the life of fixtures, components and copper piping within major appliances and water heating systems.
  • Oxidizing and/or filtering iron or manganese to prevent rust stains in sinks, dishwashers and toilets—as well as on concrete walkways, patios and exterior siding of the structure wherever you water your lawn and garden.
  • Remove sediment particles from well water to eliminate clogged faucet screens.

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How Do Water Filters Work?

Contaminated water enters the unit and passes through the filtration medium. Depending upon the specific contaminants and the type of media, a variety of processes occur causing the contaminants to remain suspended in the filtration medium while the filtered water continues to flow to your faucets and appliances.

Periodically, certain filtration media must be “regenerated,” allowing the filtration media to continue performing.

Our filtration units are available with either manual or fully automatic electronic controls. Your Local Water Quality Expert can help you suited to your family’s lifestyle.

You Have Water Problems?

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Low PH Causing:
pinhole leaks in piping

Calcite® Acid

Neutralizing Filtration Media

yellow/orange stains

black/brown stains

Manganese Greensand


Centaur® Carbon Filtration

Metallic Taste

Rotten egg odor

Chlorine odor

Volatile organic
compounds (VOCs)



Activated Carbon Filtration



Discolored water

Filter Ag®


Multi-layered system

Selecting The Proper Filtration Media

The choice of filtration media depends upon a variety of factors including the types of contaminants, pH levels, water usage habits and water pressure levels within your home. Your Local Water Quality Expert has the experience and resources to design the optimal filtration plan for your specific water system.